Wholesale Fulfillment

  1. Our shipping system can fulfill any unit size. This includes singles, packs, cases, boxes or pallets, which makes your operations very cost effective.
  2. Each order has an individual pack list included with each shipment so that your customer check easily check your order into their inventory.
  3. If you have specific customer packing instructions, we are flexible to be able to accommodate and make sure the customer receives the cargo per their needs. This includes Amazon FBA, Zulilly, Walgreens systems, etc.
  4. We can receive international shipments and will provide you with brokerage and customs support via our freight and brokerage partners.
  5. We can also provide great rate quotes from goods shipping from USA to overseas via air or ocean freight.
  6. We work with many LTL carriers and we can ship with third party billing carriers, your chosen carrier or arrange shipment with our partner carrier.
  7. Can easily complete requests on kitting, packing, re-packing, unpacking.
  8. If needed our system allows keeping inventory in several virtual warehouses for separate distribution channels, maybe you have different online stores but one supply chain?
  9. We always have someone available for you to talk to about any issues on orders or shipments
  10. You can always send us a note to info@steme360.com and one of our customer support staff can help you with your request.